Frequently Asked Questions

What are the standard capacities of our heat exchangers?

.25 to 7.5 tons. We can also manifold 2- coils together to make up to 14 tons.

What kind of heat exchangers do we offer?

Our design is water to a refrigerant heat exchanger.

What kind of refrigerant design do we offer?

R-410A is the most common. We also work with other refrigerants such as R-32 and R-454B.

What is the standard pressure rating?

Refrigerant is 600 PSIG

Water is 500 PSIG

Do we do custom coils?


What are our external standards?

UL-207 Standard

Are we ISO rated?

ISO9001 certified

Can we do a heat transfer test?

Yes, we have a lab that is CTDP rated.