About Us


Since 1978, Turbotec Products, Inc. have been developing, designing, manufacturing, and delivering high performance high quality heat exchangers and flexible connector products to the space conditioning, refrigeration, automotive, biomedical, plumbing, water heating, and aerospace industries; with our customers located around the world.

Manufacturing is performed in a Total Quality Management environment, whereby each member of the team is committed to quality assurance. As a result, the high standards that our customers have come to expect from Turbotec are built into every coil and tube that leaves our plant. The essence of our company is our patented and proprietary technology which, when applied to tubing products, yields heat transfer properties from two to four times greater than those of conventional tubing.


Turbotec continues to grow and expand its product line to offer refrigeration, heating, air conditioning, swimming pool heat pumps, plumbing connectors, marine air conditioning, soft drink dispensers, ice-making machines, aerospace and biomedical equipment, as well as energy conservation approaches. We have also recently begun to offer powder coating services on all of our heat exchangers (with the exception of PVC and Marine applications), and will soon be reaching out to offer different style and coating types.

Today, Turbotec is recognized as the leader in the design and manufacturing of cost effective, performance-proven products and systems.


Turbotec’s engineering team employs the latest design technologies and equipment to substantially reduce new product development cycles. Our research and prototype groups continually improve existing products, providing innovative design solutions. Tru-Twist, the original twisted tube was created in the 1960’s. Like many great inventions, this tube was born unexpectedly; a metal tube in a lathe performed the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Or coaxial heat exchangers are condenser/evaporator and vented double wall desuperheaters. The heat exchanger is used to transfer heat from a hot fluid or gas to a cold fluid or gas. It is built using concentric pipes with one fluid flowing inside the inner pipe and the other flowing in the annular space between the two pipes. Because of the unique design of our inner tube, our heat exchangers provide high efficiency performance with either co-current or counter current flow and are therefore very effective.


Turbotec Products, Inc. has earned a reputation for innovation, flexibility, and reliability in a wide array of applications, many under demanding performance, environmental, and dimentional constraints.

  • United States Patent – Insulated Housing For Coiled Heat Exchanger Tube
  •  United States Patent – Replacement Fitting And Method Of Installing Same
  •  Awards Coming Soon!