Turbotec Desuperheaters are designed specifically to remove heat from the superheated refrigerant discharge vapor of air conditioning, refrigeration, or water source heat pump systems for the purpose of heating potable water.
Optional Mounting Brackets
Standard Sizes for 2 - 5 Ton Systems
Vented Double Wall Insulation Design
Available with Copper & Cupronickel Inner Tube
U-Shaped Designs
Condenser & Heat Pump Coils
Our Coaxial Heat Exchangers use our Tru-Twist® inner tubes to create turbulent flow and provide more heat transfer surface in a compact package. More BTU’s per dollar make our coils the industry standard for residential and commercial systems.
Compact Designs
Standard Sizes for 3/4 to 30 Tons
Optimized Thermal Performance
Optional Mounting Brackets
Custom Shapes and Configurations
Swimming Pool & Spa
Turbotec Titanium and plastic tube heat exchangers, manufactured to precise standards, have raised the bar when it comes to the swimming pool heat pump industry. Pool-Safe™ is the clear choice for top swimming pool heat pump manufacturers.
Available in Multiple Configurations
Available to work with 4 to 8 Ton Systems
Erosion & Corrosion Resistant
Innovative Enhancement of Titanium Tubes
Long Lasting PVC Jackets

Our online selection software is cutting edge in bringing the customer to the forefront of our business. These are just a few things that our software can do for you; on top of many more! If you have any questions about what is happening, please contact our Sales Team.

  • Share projects among multiple users
  • English and Metric Input/output options
  • Bi-lingual with Spanish option in progress
  • 100% web based, HTML5, .NET technology
  • Multiple working fluids option available



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